Saturday, August 25, 2012

Out of the Kiln 8/21/12

First, I'd like to share the first of the group of test mugs with you.  Same wonky style that twists and turns, but with the addition of my different textures.  Also noteworthy is the shape of the mug.  Not too obvious in these photos, but I am loving the improved height and width ratio.  Much, much better for holding your favorite drink without sacrificing whimsy.

Also, out of the kiln this round were some absolutely gorgeous tree pieces.  Two of them, my favorites, are done in the new stained glass inspired style.  One is a tree cut out!  And the fourth is a two-toned tree bowl.  On a fun note, these "out of the kiln" pictures were taken inside the kiln!

No firing would be complete without some hearts and pendants.  Here is the mix that came through this round.
Phew!  The first of many for the next several weeks.  Inventory build for the holidays has begun!

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