Saturday, August 25, 2012

Out of the Kiln 8/17/12

A long awaited, by me anyway, kiln firing unloaded today. I typically fire my work at Cone 10, or approximately 2400 degrees for the non-ceramic artist, but my pieces today fired to Cone 5, approximately 2200 degrees.

You might think the temperature difference seems minor, but how hot the kiln goes effects everything about a piece from glaze color and effect to construction of the piece.

These tree cut-outs have been in progress for what seems like forever.  Due to the delicate nature of the piece construction, I choose to fire them at the lower temperature of Cone 5 to ensure that the pieces didn't slump or crack in glaze firing.  These pieces have actually fired a few times with just yuck glaze results, but I think these combinations have finally hit the nail on the head.  Check them out!

Also in this firing was a super wide platter.  It was so wide that I worried a bit about slumping at Cone 10.  I really like how this piece came out.  Shades of greens and ambers all ready for fall!
Last, but not least, the results of my Cone 5 clay samples experiments.  If you remember, I had created the dubiously titled Bacon Barrel Bowl and Hearts with Scraps from some clay samples I have received.  The clay in these pieces has materials that would breakdown if fired too hot (not all clay can withstand higher temperatures).  I really love the red colors of these clays.  I only took one picture of the group, so not a lot of detail.  Sorry!  The hearts came out of the best.  I'm adding twine to them for some great rustic hearts!

This is the first in a new series of Out of the Kiln photo blog posts!  Come back often to check out more!

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