Monday, October 1, 2012

Out of the Kiln September 2012

September has been all about glazing.  So much glazing that the next time I glaze will be too soon!  Don't worry though, I can't stop making work that will need to be glazed, so I'm sure it will pass. : )

I've been playing around with different glaze color and firing temperature options to achieve different effects on my stained glass inspired pieces.  I've broken down the results of all this testing for you here.

High Fire to Cone 10 is my glaze temperature home!  I fire most of my work to Cone 10 (that's just under 2400 degrees) and love the depth of color that can be achieved at this temperature.

My glaze results vary in color here mainly due to clay body vs. firing temperature.  The lighter color pieces were all created with porcelain which provides a great backdrop for what I like to think of as the original stained glass inspired series look.  The darker, kind of mysterious colors, are all on stoneware clay that has a ton of iron oxide at to the clay for a deep red tone that also deepens the glaze colors.

Low Fire to Cone 06 is my most recent experimental glaze temperature.  At this lower temp (around 1800 degrees) I can create bright colors with a wider range of shades.  I really like this option for the greater variety in the color palette than what is available at high fire.

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